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Like Total Totalitarianism

I would like to respectfully respond to Kenneth Judkins' "respectful" presentation of his complaints against the Source's H. Bruce Miller. Mr. Judkins does not "believe"



I would like to respectfully respond to Kenneth Judkins' "respectful" presentation of his complaints against the Source's H. Bruce Miller. Mr. Judkins does not "believe" Obama was born in Hawaii because he claims the President presented a certificate of live birth and not a birth certificate. He advised all of us to examine our birth certificates and lo and behold mine says "certificate of live birth." Therefore, according to Mr. Judkins, I have lived for seventy years without realizing I am not a U.S. citizen, even though my certificate of live birth documents my being born in the state of Montana, which, by the way, joined the Union sixty years before Hawaii did.

Mr. Judkins, what you "believe" is in no way related to fact. Anyone can believe anything because it is opinion. Facts are empirical. Some people "believe" the earth is flat, but that doesn't make it so. By now surely you have seen, read or checked the various websites and myriad other sources that have authenticated Obama's Hawaiian birth unless you have no access to the outside media world and have been living under a rock.

As for the horrible things Obama is up to that are undermining our Constitution and leading the country to perdition, you cite the various Czars he has appointed and relocating (then reversed the relocation) of the census from commerce to the White House. Alors!! Man the barricades!!! Why couldn't he be a normal president like Bush who ginned up a war under fraudulent pretenses that has, to date, killed hundreds of thousands, cost trillions and left the U.S. Economy on the brink of a Depression. And the Czars and the census have outraged you? You have too much time on your hands. I respectfully suggest you and your wife Cassandra sit down in a quiet corner, cross your legs and contemplate your navels before you have a stroke.

-R.T.Tihista, Bend

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