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Listen: Jeff Eager of the Bend Humanity Coalition 🎧

Talking issues and solutions with houseless individuals

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The Bend Don't Break podcast returns with a chat with Jeff Eager of the Bend Humanity Coalition, a new organization that describes itself as "a group of caring Bend citizens working to make our city safe and humane for the unhoused and housed Bendites."

The organization advocates for more enforcement of laws around accumulating trash and other concerns at houseless camps, stating on its website, "City Councilors have at their disposal the legal methods to remove camps that pose a danger to those living in them and those who find themselves near them. There are laws against littering, public urination and defecation, possession of open containers of alcohol in parks and other public places, and drug use."

Source Weekly Publisher Aaron Switzer and Editor Nicole Vulcan chat with Eager about the effectiveness of adjudication for houseless individuals, the impact of a 9th Circuit Court decision in enforcing (or not enforcing) camping on public lands in Oregon and much more.


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