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Listen: The Story Behind Central Oregon Gives 🎧

Aaron Switzer of Central Oregon Gives and Rys Fairbrother of What If We Could joined forces last year to create an online giving program that raised hundreds of thousands for local nonprofits

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For this week’s episode of “Bend Don’t Break” we spoke with Rys Fairbrother of What If We Could, and Aaron Switzer, the Source Weekly’s publisher and founder of Central Oregon Gives. Both Switzer and Fairbrother have been working to help nonprofits for years through sponsorships, marketing and storytelling. The Central Oregon Gives program combines all three strategies within a simple digital platform that connects local nonprofits with new potential donors. Each time someone makes a donation, they receive a “perk” or free prize like a beer or a cup of coffee from a local business that has donated to help make the program a success. Last year, raised over half a million dollars for 72 local organizations ranging from children’s advocacy groups to environmental watch dogs.

To be a part of this incredible community effort to help out local nonprofits, visit before December 31, 2020.



Listen to more from Rys Fairbrother and Aaron Switzer on this week's episode of “Bend Don't Break” hosted by the Source Weekly’s publisher Aaron Switzer and co-hosted by Laurel Brauns. Every week, we feature a guest from the community with a new perspective on living through the COVID-19 pandemic including mental health professionals, economists, educators, artists, business people, local leaders and historians.

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