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Riverside Market Is No More

The Riverside either loved it or you hated it; you went to it or you avoided it. If the Riverside Market were a person, his name would be "Frank," and he would be your embarrassing college roommate. Frank would be constantly getting super wasted during the day, would never grow up and would still decorate his place with posters and whatever furniture has been left out on corners. Frank is the kind of guy you secretly have a good time with, but you'd never brag about or introduce to coworkers.

Well, Frank is dead and The Riverside Market's long-standing place/reputation in Bend is no more. Phil Lipton purchased the infamous watering hole May 20, after the building was given a 37-page love letter from the City outlining countless upgrades necessary to keep the building standing. Much of the maintenance and requirements were basic, but expensive and labor-intensive.

Lipton has taken on the challenge, but the physical obstacle isn't the hot topic. The real question is: How will the once-dive-bar-slash-adult playground-turned-French-restaurant be received? I guess we'll see.

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