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Live Music PSA: Helping you navigate the world of live music both in Bend and beyond

Every so often we'll introduce you to one of best local venues or share ideas for where to can catch a killer out-of-town show.



The ability to listen to music in your car or your home, even as you walk around town definitely has its merits.  But millions of people strongly prefer to hear their music another way—live.  We here at the Source want to help facilitate your journey into the magical world of live music. To that end we are launching a new series. Every so often we'll introduce you to one of best local venues or share ideas for where to can catch a killer out-of-town show. Consider it a running PSA that promises to always steer you toward the very best in live music entertainment.

In Town

Silvermoon Brewing Taproom

24 NW Greenwood

Open since 2005, Silvermoon Brewing owner Tyler Reichert realized early on his place could be a hub for local live music. It didn’t take long for the eclectically decorated space to become a regionally known tour stop. With a stage in the front corner and a sound system that’s been upgraded in recent years, Silvermoon is one of Bend’s best spots to get up close and personal with your favorite band. Oh, and they pour some delicious beers, too.

Best Features:

• A stage that keeps the crowd close to the action. Bands use this proximity to play off the energy of the audience and shows can get downright raucous

• Much-improved sound system means you hear the music clearly

• Tasty beers and pour-your-own water mean you’ll never go thirsty

Least desirable feature:

• Venue is a little small and poorly ventilated. If you go to a packed show, be prepared to drink a lot of water and leave in sweat-drenched clothes—even if you aren’t dancing

Signature food/drink offering: No trip to Silvermoon is complete without digging in to some gorgonzola cheese fries. They make take 20 minutes to make, but the’re worth it

Notable previous shows: Vetiver, Amber Rubarth, Dawes, The White Buffalo, The Ascetic Junkies

Recommended upcoming shows:

Oct. 12, Andy Hackbarth

Oct. 13, Manimal House

Oct. 20, The Rum & The Sea

Out of Town

Doug Fir Lounge

830 E Burnside, Portland OR

It’s been eight years since Portland’s Doug Fir Lounge opened underneath the restaurant of a renovated 1960s motor lodge. In the meantime, DFL has become one of, it not the, best place to see live music in Portland. The venue—constructed in the old delivery garage underneath the diner—was built for the sole purpose of hosting concerts. The acoustics are fantastic and audiences are treated to seriously special shows. Two to three band lineups are booked nearly every night of the week with a focus on blending local, regional and national talent—often for no more than $10-$12. Crowds of up to 300 are typically earnestly engaged, resulting in little chatter to distract from the show. Aesthetics add to the experience. The upstairs restaurant, patio and downstairs lounge are accented with rustic log walls and '70s style seating. The best thing DFL offers, though, is the chance to see awesome bands before they hit it big.

Best Features:

• Outstanding acoustics mean memorable shows in an intimate setting

• You can often take home one of the many posters on the walls promoting that night’s show for free

• Bar staff has had nearly no turnover since the venue opened and are fast and professional

Least desirable feature:

• The restrooms are kinda nasty

Signature food/drink offering: No food allowed in the venue, but the staff makes precision-crafted cocktails as superb as the music.

Notable previous shows: The XX, Miike Snow, Sharon Van Etten, Blind Pilot, Tango Alpha Tango

Recommended upcoming shows:

Oct. 2, Tycho

Oct. 11, Hospitality

Oct. 18, Sun Airway

Oct. 20, Freelance Whales

Oct. 28, Balmorhea

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