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Local GOP Embarrasses

I am sitting at my desk right now sick to my stomach and embarrassed for the citizens of Bend. On Friday in the local Republican


I am sitting at my desk right now sick to my stomach and embarrassed for the citizens of Bend. On Friday in the local Republican office, a man working there was wearing a T-shirt with a picture of (Barack) Obama shining Sarah Palin's shoes.

When I asked about it he and the others in the office were proud, saying, "Isn't it great" and "Oh, so true." The meaning behind the shirt is obvious and so inflammatory that I am sure most Republicans would find it hateful. The people working in the office are telling those coming in that, if elected Obama is going to turn our nation Communist and we should all refuse to pay our income taxes in April. The "N" word is thrown around freely.

This is about as mean-spirited and UN AMERICAN as I've ever heard and these are some of the tamer things being said. I respect those with opinions different than mine, but I will not tolerate hatred. The people of Bend need to speak up and say "We will not put up with this behavior."

I hope those running locally on the Republican ticket take a stand on this, it is intolerable.

Laura Hawkins, Bend

Editor's Note: We spoke to Rich Morehead at the Republican Party offices on Greenwood who confirmed that someone in the office had worn the Obama-Palin shirt. Morehead said he was not in the office at the time, but that the volunteer was told not to return with the shirt on.

However, Morehead denied that anyone has ever used a racial slur against Barack Obama in the office.

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