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Logsdon Brings the Funk

New beer and new taproom for Hood River's farmhouse brewery



It's hard to tell the story of beer in Oregon without mentioning Dave Logsdon multiple times. He's authentically oldschool, co-founding Full Sail Brewing Co. back in 1987, and serving as its first full-time brewer. Before that, he founded Wyeast Laboratories, eminent makers of yeast cultures for the industry, and a name every homebrewer in North America is intimately familiar with.

Nowadays, of course, Logsdon is best known for running Logsdon Farmhouse Ales, a Belgian-style brewery operated out of a picturesque red barn outside of Hood River. Since 2011, Logsdon and fellow brewer Charles Porter (himself a veteran of Full Sail and Deschutes Brewery) have been crafting some killer farmhouse-style beer, nearly all of it modeled after the light, fruity, alluringly spicy saison-style ales from the French-speaking part of Belgium. Seizoen is the baseline beer in their lineup, boasting a delicate balance of whole-cone hops and four types of yeast, but it's Seizoen Bretta, which uses Brettanomyces yeast to produce a funky kick that helped Logsdon win their first Great American Beer Fest gold medal in 2012.

Things are getting spiced up further this summer at Hood River thanks to two major events. One is a new beer: Szech 'n Brett, out now at Bend bottle shops. The name may remind you of Peche 'n Brett, a peach-infused saison that beer nerds go nuts for with every seasonal release—but unlike that 10% ABV monster, this is a lighter Brett-infused notched up with some Szechuan pepper spice that adds a charming aftertaste to the tart flavor profile. An approachable sort of funk, in other words.

Even better is the news that, after quite a bit of waiting, Logsdon's new barrel house and taproom is finally set to open. The farmhouse brewery is sadly no longer open to the public, but the new taproom—set right in downtown Hood River, a convenient stumble away from the Double Mountain brewpub—will hopefully offer an inviting alternative. The exact date hasn't been announced yet, but check out farmhousebeer.com for grand-opening info.

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