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Losing Our Religion

The relationship between the United States and religion.



The fact is: this nation was never a Christian nation to begin with (thankfully). Our Constitution and our Declaration are godless documents that protect us from religion, but also give people the freedom to worship as they choose. However, that doesn't give people the freedom to push it in our schools, our politics, or force their silly belief systems on us.

Religion is a personal choice. It is not the law; it is not anything other than someone choosing to follow that system. I have no issue with people that want to keep it to themselves.

It has, however, destroyed countries, families, and caused wars, spread hate, discrimination, and intolerance for full equality. And, quite frankly, people are tired of that. We are progressing and finding out that you do not need religion to be moral, ethical, or live a good/happy life. And guess what? It's all going to be OK!

As for the $100 billion given to churches, it's sad that they are not taxed. It's just a big business and they should pay their fair share. I'm sure that "some" churches do good things with that money, but how funny that the big evangelical pastors out there are living more wealthy than ever before...hmmmm...makes you wonder what the motivation is there, huh?

Regardless, people are finally waking up and realizing that religion is just a choice. It's not necessary, and it sure feels good to live a happy life without all the jargon.

I welcome the day when we are fully secular and people can just get along, accept each other, accept our differences, and, for the sake of humanity, actually care about each other.

-Shane Ketterman, Bend

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