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Lunch Break on Bond

J.Dub opens its doors just in time for spring



A new eatery has opened up on Bond Street in downtown Bend. Owner Jon Weber (J.W., hence, J. Dub) is better known around town for his friendly bar skills and charming smile, having spent 17 years at the Pine Tavern and six years at 10 Barrel. It is safe to say that Weber has created many personal relationships with both long-standing patrons and fellow business owners, and possesses the abundant people skills required to succeed.

With a lot of options for places to eat downtown, Weber wanted to tap into the under-catered-to lunch crowd. J. Dub features the main dining room, a bar, an in-between area to handle the spillover and an outside spot that is dog friendly, a big plus for many. A more complex identity will come with time, but for now Weber is simply focusing on the one avenue he wants to be known for: A great lunchtime spot.

Aside from the number of people flowing through the most popular streets in Bend for entertainment by night, there are just as many people who work in the downtown area by day. Bagging a lunch every day gets old, and it can be easy to spend too much dining out. Weber knows this and wants to provide all the hardworking folks a new option to fill their bellies without completely draining their wallets. The Lunch Break Special is the name to order by, and the meals offered are classic for the afternoon. Between 10:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. for $9, anyone can waltz, shimmy or saunter in to enjoy a PBR, cheeseburger, and fries. If something lighter is the goal, then a glass of house wine, soup and a salad might be the better choice. Of course, the beverages can be substituted for non-alcoholic drinks, for those younger than the glorious age of 21.

The menu isn't just for lunch, or just for adults. "I want J. Dub's to have a fast and casual atmosphere where people can come...everyone knows each other...that's what I'd like it to be," says Weber. He also wants to include little ones in the mix by providing a kids' menu that would please the palettes of even the pickiest of the litter. Providing the option of fries or carrots, he strives to satisfy the parents, too.

Another standout on the menu is the soft-shell crab. When asked about the more unusual protein option, Weber answers that, "soft-shell crab is an underrated, but wanted seafood option." He goes on to explain that for those who do not eat landlocked animals, this is a great option to get some added nutrients into the diet.

Food, drink and socializing aren't the only things that will be offered to patrons. Weber is interested in stimulating the auditory and visual senses of his guests. There will be live music for local musicians to flex their talents and artists will also have the chance to be able to showcase and sell their work to the community. It's clear J. Dub's debut on Bond is going to make lunchtime something to look forward to, and with the great weather, the outside patio is sure to be filled with folks.


932 NW Bond St., Bend


Monday- Sunday

10:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.

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