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Lust List Was Limp



I must say I am quite unimpressed by "The Lust List" in the Love Issue. If that is really the best Central Oregon has to offer, we all need to quit life and move away. I can name hundreds of people that are hotter or just better than half of the winners of the survey. A handbag designer is not a celebrity. And if Nicole wins the hottest body, why did you only show her face? That doesn't make sense. And why don't we have a female athlete. Working at Helly Hanson does not make someone an athlete. We have some wonderful and beautiful athletes here in town. And lastly, if that is a hot athletic trainer, I am never working out at a gym again.

It's not all bad. Some I can really understand. Nobody will deny Makayla is hot, and I can see Max, Jodie or that Todd guy. Nicole looks great - despite not being able to see her body. How about showing the people as they are described. Singing, running, bartending, etc. so those of us who don't know who they are might understand.

When was this survey sent out? Why didn't more people see it or vote on it? I am not impressed. Next year, can we please do a little better??! How about hottest barista? hottest salon girl? hottest delivery guy? Perhaps I am grasping at straws here, but I know you can do better.

Thanks, Zach

Editor replies: All great ideas, Zach! Why don't you send us over a candid shot of yourself sleeping on your couch or some other pic that captures you in action and we'll get started straightaway.

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