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Made in Central Oregon 2018

What's Made in Central Oregon? Better Question: What's Not?

  • Wyatt Gaines

Seemingly endless outdoor opportunities, rad local brews and a bustling social scene are not the only things that make Central Oregon a cool place to be (though you'll read all about those important aspects of our culture often within the pages of this publication).

Each and every day, the creative, ambitious and industrious among us are crafting products that enhance our lives and showcase what Central Oregonians are capable of.

Look above for a reminder about how the works of Central Oregonians can be found in every room of your home—and your gear-age, too.

From furniture makers with their signature "mountain modern" styles, to paddle board makers encouraging you to seek your next adventure, to those adorning your bodies and hearths with locally-sourced creations, we're proud to reserve much of this issue for highlighting the people and things Made In Central Oregon.

Branch + Barrel

Laird Superfoods

Chivaz Socks

Free Range Equipment

Light My Fire

Wild Roots Vodka

Scavenger Woodworks

Dog Pack Collars




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