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Make a Difference This Season

Express kindness this holiday season.



Red light! Cold outside. You look at the snow on the ground. Cold, hard, unforgiving snow. Then you see a man on the side of the road. You are wondering, what can I give this man? Frantically searching, you look for some change in your car. "Darn, I just got a muffin and used all of my change." Green light. You smile because that's all you can do. He smiles back at you. Thud, that experience just made you sad. You then feel a little selfish knowing that you have so much.

You wonder, is it a good idea to give change? But then you have a second thought, where is that change going? Is it going to drugs and alcohol or the right purposes? Because of this chance, you should always try to give the [less fortunate] food or stuff to keep them warm. And if you don't have any of these items, then a smile would lighten their day a little.

It's the Christmas season and Christmas is about giving. If anyone needs giving, it is the people who are feeling homeless discomfort. A little way you could give is by carrying with you little bags of nuts, beef jerky or trail mix, anything that does not require heating up. You could also give little hand warmers, gloves that you buy at the dollar store and blankets, or little bags of dog food for their pets.

There is an amazing place in this town called the Bethlehem Inn. It takes in people who are without a home and gives them shelter. Some of the people on the side of the road who are feeling homeless discomfort don't qualify for the Bethlehem Inn because they have pets, or have drug and alcohol addictions, or they don't do well in situations that have a lot of people. These are the people who need the most help!

Red light! Yumm, the taste of fresh ginger bread on the tip of your tongue. Snowy cold outside. Cold, hard, unforgiving snow. You see a man with a sign saying, "Anything Helps." He sees you. You give him a little bag of beef jerky. You see something strange, you see true gratitude for this small act of kindness. You see that he really appreciates it. Green light! You drive away and you feel like you have done something little, but big.

Logan Hausler

Editor's note: The author is an 11-year-old Bend resident.

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