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Make Highway Safety A Priority



Dear Source,

We, 100%, support your stand regarding the ''Jersey Wall'' needed for Hwy 97!!!

But we dare say you do not go far enough (literally). The jersey wall needs to separate the entirety of Hwy 97 (or as it is better known, ''Blood Alley'') from Redmond, through La Pine, on to Klamath Falls.

My family and I live in Bend, and we have many other family members that visit us from Nevada and California on a regular basis. Many sleepless nights have been the fault of knowing our loved ones are traveling on this ''death trap'' of a roadway.

As well, we travel to Sunriver and La Pine quite often. We would visit these areas even more often if it wasn't for the fact that we have to ''psych'' ourselves up each time, for such a dangerous and harrowing expedition.

The State/ODOT should put this project at the top of the list, for the ''Infestructure'' money's (sic) promised by President Obama!

Oregon has such beauty that surrounds its roads. It is a shame that motorists have to watch out for their lives, rather than admiring the beautiful scenery.


Kelly & Lynne Edwards and sons

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