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The Leaflet - Spring 2018

Your guide to all things cannabis in Central Oregon


It’s a Green Revolution.

Imagine this pastoral scene: a sea of green, swaying in the breeze, happy workers carefully tending their crops, meticulously nurturing each tender leaf. Fueling it all: solar panels, LED lights and maybe even a wind generator. This is not a utopian dream; for some growers in Central Oregon, it’s a sustainability reality—and one we think is worth highlighting.

In this spring edition of the Source Weekly’s biannual Leaflet cannabis guide, we’re bringing you the story of growers who interpret the term “green revolution” to mean not just growing luscious green cannabis, but also to using the greenest growing practices around. Check out the story of sustainability in cannabis on page 18.

Also in this issue:

- Lit Gifts! Need some ideas for gifts for your stony sweetheart? Check out page 24 for some ideas, sourced right here in Central Oregon.

- Lit Cannabis Literature! Want to dive even deeper into the history and culture of cannabis? Check out our recommendations for great reads.

- Canines and Cannabis. As the story on page29 suggests, they’re not mutually exclusive—but it’s all about the CBD, not THC.

- Shatter, Rosin and Other Stuff You’ve Been Wondering About. Head to page 17 for a primer on some of the newer canna-products on the market and how they’re made.

- Talkin’ with the Law.
What’s local law enforcement’s take on pot in the local area? Hear from the Deschutes County Sheriff, in his own words.

- The Rules.
Noobs to Oregon marijuana rules: Check out this page to find out what you can and can’t do—legally!

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