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Marriage Ruling: Undermines State's Rights

Discussion about the rights of the states and constitutional rights.



You asked some people about the overturned law that the people of California passed on gay marriage. Most of the people stated that government should not be allowed into our bedrooms. I agree. However this is not about gay marriage, it is about the right of the states to pass laws that the federal government does not have the right to do by the constitution. In this case the people of the state of California voted to keep the current legal definition of marriage as it is (also upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1878). The federal government by way of a few judges told the people of California that they cannot run their own state. I have a real problem with this. The framers and the founders of this country did all they could to give the states the right to govern in detail; this right was not given to the federal government. So to conclude this letter I think we should be asking what is really wrong here, the people or the rule of the federal government and power hungry judges.

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