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May the Source Be with You

May Edition



Has it been a month already? Have you missed me as much as I missed you?? Awww, that's sweet. Anyway, it's been a rough 30 days since last we spoke, what with "Avengers: Endgame" stomping our hearts into Ant-Man sized pieces and "Game of Thrones" progressively feeling like the world's deadliest game of musical chairs. It's hard out here for a nerd.

The South Korean masterwork, "Burning." - COURTESY OF NETFLIX
  • courtesy of Netflix
  • The South Korean masterwork, "Burning."

Since I like media that makes me feel terrible, I'm having a great time. With all that said, here are a few things that might make your heart feel good in the month of May.

In Pod We Trust:

Since we're still celebrating the awesomeness that is the culmination of Marvel's "Infinity Saga" with "Endgame," now's the perfect time to get down with "Women of Marvel." Hosts Sana Amanat and Judy Stephens not only both work for Marvel, but they dish on some serious inside baseball when it comes to female representation in comic book iconography. Hearing them break down the importance of Sue Storm, Janet Van Dyne and Jean Grey might change the way you view current iterations of the characters.

If there are two things I love deeply, it's drinking responsibly and solving crimes, so the podcast, "Drunk Women Solving Crime," basically scratches all of my very specific itches. Hannah George, Taylor Glenn and Catie Wilkins spend each episode doing just that: getting drunk and trying to figure out unsolved murders and other less-serious crimes. The show only gets funnier and funnier, and now is a perfect time to check it out.

If you're feeling bored and possibly hungry, I have a podcast now because all the cool kids are doing it. Hosting with the great television writer Zeke Kamm, we sit around the World's Last Blockbuster and talk about movies, music and what makes us such disturbed individuals. It's called Unwinder and it might make you smile.

Oh, and also in the world of self-promotion: the Source now has a podcast that reads our news stories for you, so you don't have to use your reading skills to get our top stories. Find the Source Weekly Update Podcast on all the major feed services.


In the last installment of May the Source Be with You, I talked about how great the Netflix original "Santa Clarita Diet" is and then it was immediately canceled. This understandably makes me reticent to talk about any of the other things I like, since God obviously hates me, but just like Daredevil, I'm the man without fear.

Ready to become a Zac Efron fan? - COURTESY OF NETFLIX
  • courtesy of Netflix
  • Ready to become a Zac Efron fan?

"Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil and Vile" is a fun (yes fun!) look at the serial killer Ted Bundy, but the real find here is the absolutely skin-crawling performance from Zac Efron as the mega-creepy Bundy. Efron uses every bit of his handsome-ass charisma to make Bundy a bogeyman for the ages.

The South Korean slow-burn thriller, um, "Burning" is the best movie out of SK last year and a haunting and visceral film that will stick to your brain for weeks to come. You'll feel every second of its 148-minute runtime, but it's one of those movies that fundamentally changes how you view cinema forever. Not to overhype it or anything.

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