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March edition: Small towns, Always Sunny and family recipes



Here we are, in the midst of a lovely false spring and the skies are clear, the sun is warm and nothing could possibly go wrong. What's that you say? Russia is acting squirrelly? Yeah, that makes sense, only in the roaring '20s would we follow up a planet-wide pandemic with a possible world war. As usual, here in the U.S. we have so much media to explore that we can choose the level of our knowledge and involvement and I'm hovering right around "as much as I can handle without losing it" because I've been a little exhausted lately living through so much history. Here are a few of the things I've been enjoying recently to take my mind off of the dumpster fire of life.

The excellent Alan Ritchson will kick your ass and save your life at the same time in Amazon's "Reacher." - PHOTO COURTESY OF AMAZON.
  • Photo courtesy of Amazon.
  • The excellent Alan Ritchson will kick your ass and save your life at the same time in Amazon's "Reacher."

In Pod We Trust:

I've been absolutely loving the new "The Always Sunny Podcast," which not only has a weekly episode to listen to on YouTube, but has also been filming the last five or six episodes as well. Each episode does a deep dive into a single episode. Mac, Dennis and Charlie break down their memories of making the show, but mostly just go off on tangents very loosely related to the former TV show. The recent episode where they break down, "The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby" is a fascinating look at how the team made a classic episode at the beginning of season three when they thought they probably wouldn't last much longer than season four.

Another very comforting podcast is "My Family Recipe," Arati Menon's lovely look at how important generational recipes can be for families and how therapeutic they can be when trying to reconnect with those that we've lost. The podcast is just over a month old and has already been added to my weekly list of unmissables with its genuinely heartwarming content.

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Imagine a show similar to "Lost," but instead of an island and a yelling Matthew Fox, we've got a small town and a yelling Harold Perrineau and you've got "From," the very creepy new show from Epix. Everyone in this town is trapped there, with all roads circling back to the same few blocks of dilapidated downtown and at night the dead knock on the doors, asking to be let in. The show feels like a very spooky episode of "The Twilight Zone" that just keeps going, adding depth to the world and characters while building tension to almost unbearable levels. The mystery at the center of the show is fascinating, so hopefully the writers of the show know where all of this is heading.

The season finale of "Euphoria" completely destroyed me, so now that that extremely depressing soap opera is over, I'm filling that slot with something a little happier. "Reacher" (currently on Amazon Prime) is the ultimate dad show featuring a giant man who beats people with his massive fists and brilliant mind and it's just goofy enough to be exciting without being too intense for people looking for just a little popcorn entertainment. But seriously, is anyone really interested in another season of "Euphoria" after that finale? That was rough.

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