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July edition: "Star Wars," Sympathy Pains and "Stranger Things"



It's been hot outside, but it's also raining a lot with thunderstorms and massive lightning attacks happening all willy nilly. It has become downright unpredictable around here in Central Oregon and I'm here for it. I like having to check the weather before walking out into the world; it makes me feel like I'm living somewhere that just doesn't have a handle on what kind of vibe it wants to have, which I find extremely relatable. Anyway, whether I'm avoiding the heat, dodging lightning or wondering why it's cold at 2pm, here's a few things I've been enjoying over the last 30 days.

"Irma Vep" is the best show you're not currently watching. - COURTESY OF HBO
  • Courtesy of HBO
  • "Irma Vep" is the best show you're not currently watching.

In Pod We Trust:

I keep waiting for the podcast bubble to burst, but now I really don't think it's ever going to come close to slowing down. There's no need for it to, because there are literally podcasts for everyone now. If there's any show you've ever enjoyed, there's a podcast with cast members reminiscing about their favorite episodes. If you have a favorite true crime story, there's a podcast doing a deep dive into it right now. You only like fictional podcasts? There are 50 of them just waiting to suck you into their world. Everyone complains about how many streaming services there are, but I think there might be even more podcasts than TV shows right now.

In 2022, so many good ones are running that I get anxiety trying to listen to them all. I'm sad "Reply All" has ended, but I'm finding new ones to sate my obsessions.

Jamie Loftus' ("Lolita Podcast) new podcast is an absolutely fascinating look at spiritualism called "Ghost Church." If you have even a passing interest in old-times seances and religion, you will instantly get hooked on this one.

If you're in the market for a new true crime obsession, "Sympathy Pains" is a fantastic six-part banger from Laura Beil, the beautiful mind behind "Dr. Death." This one tackles the most insane case of Munchausen-By-Proxy syndrome you've ever heard of and might possibly ruin your faith in humanity a little, but it's an even trade-off and we both know it's already a little ruined anyway.

"Wild Things" is an eight-part expose that I can't recommend enough about the night Roy (from Sigfried & Roy) was killed onstage by one of his own tigers. You won't believe the story that went unreported here.

Now Streaming

Wow, so those final two episodes of "Stranger Things," huh? I think that was definitely the best season since the first and I'm really hoping that they stick the landing with the fifth and final season. I want to talk so much more about it, but the episodes have only been out for a couple of days and spoiling anything about them would be evil.

The "Obi-Wan Kenobi" series on Disney+ started off a little rough, but I really think that last episode was about as close to perfect as the "Star Wars" franchise has managed in quite some time. Also, Marvel's new Disney+ series "Ms. Marvel" is absolutely fantastic so far, with some of the most touching and exciting character building that any of the TV shows related to the MCU have managed up until now.

HBO is also crushing it with the "Irma Vep" series and the beginning of the new season of "Westworld." It's hard to know whether the shows will have a strong ending or fall apart eventually. Either way, there's a ton of appointment viewing going on, so make sure and use your time wisely.

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