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Measure 97: Oregon University Presidents Discuss What's Next


The Presidents of Oregon's Seven Universities have issued a statement about what is next following the defeat of Measure 97:  
“We understand that yesterday’s vote means some very tough choices lie ahead for the Legislature and the Governor. In the face of these challenges, we believe that by working together we can still keep our public universities affordable for all Oregon students. Now is the time to continue the progress we have made over the last biennium. As our elected leaders weigh difficult budget decisions, we urge them to invest a minimum of $100 million for Oregon’s university students to continue to clamp down on student costs and debt. This investment will allow all campuses to keep tuition increases to a manageable level for the next two years and ensure that students can graduate without taking on a lifetime of debt. Oregon’s public universities are the incubators of ideas and solutions, and we are educating the workforce and leaders of tomorrow. We stand ready to work with legislators and the Governor to address the challenges that lie ahead.”

Eastern Oregon University
President Thomas A. Insko

Oregon State University
President Ed Ray

Oregon Institute of Technology
President Jay Kenton

Southern Oregon University
President Linda Schott

Portland State University
President Wim Wiewel

Western Oregon University
President Rex Fuller

University of Oregon
President Michael Schill

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