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Meet Robin Fox

Get to know one of Bend's newest Radio DJ's who loves great music and the people of Bend.



Past 83Music Featured Friends have generally focused on people doing amazing and creative things who also happen to have a love of great music. This time, our friend Robin Fox (@radioladiorobin on TWITTER), is actually living and breathing her love of music every single day sitting behind a radio mic in Bend Oregon.

As the morning show DJ for KLTW 95.1, the midday DJ for KQAK 105.7, and the afternoon DJ for The Peak 104.1, Robin has herself, three different outlets to connect listeners not only to music, but to all the wonderful events that happen in the area.

And while she is able to use these positions to help out worthy charities and open doors for important causes… the true lure has always been the music.

"Music was a HUGE part of my childhood. My dad was really heavy into high-end home audio, so there was always classic rock, jazz, or blues playing at home," says Fox.

As a kid, an early love for Carly Simon’s version of "Itsy Bitsy Spider" led to a love of "Black Water" by The Doobie Brothers and then to the realization that radio was for her.

"When I was 15, A friend of mine was in a communications program in college and did some overnight on-air work for a local rock station. She asked if I wanted to tag along one night. Stepping into the studio for the first time, cemented the deal for me,” recalls Fox.

Continue reading Robin's profile with more thoughs on music and radio... including why this, is one of her favorite videos.
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