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Meet the Koch Brothers



According to Rolling Stone, at a recent plutocrat's gathering, one of the Koch Brothers, heavy financers of the Tea Party "movement," called President Obama, "Saddam Hussein." Rolling Stone claims to have it on tape. For a Koch brother to make such a reference to Obama, well, that's really the pot calling the kettle black.Like most right-wing billionaires, The Koch boys got their money the old fashioned way; they inherited it. The father, who left them all that lucre was also a piece of work. An oil engineer who invented some type of oil extraction method he couldn't get a patent on in the U.S., and so took it to the Soviet Union and sold it to good old Joe Stalin. Remember him? Stalin runs neck and neck with Mao as history's biggest mass murderer.

The elder Koch made his fortune from this paranoid megalomaniac and obviously some of Stalin's paranoia rubbed off on the old man. He came back to the U.S. and helped found the John Birch Society, a collection of right-wing paranoid degenerates who accused Dwight Eisenhower of being a communist agent.

A more appropriate name for the Koch Brothers would be the "Krupp Brothers" after the German industrialist family who financed the rise of the Nazis in Germany and built much of Hitler's war machine. Alfred Krupp, even joined the S.S. and loved Adolph to the end. Obama is too politically correct to call the Kochs what they really are: Fascists. They're spending millions all over the nation undermining democracy because they obviously don't believe in it and consider it a form of governance for chumps. So when you read about the Kochs, think "Krupps." It rolls off the tongue easily. After all when you've seen one Fascist you've seen them all.

R.T. Tihista

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