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Meet the Shop Dog: Maddie

Oregon Natural Desert Association




Like many young Bendites, Maddie works a couple jobs to get by. While her main gig is at ONDA with her owner, Conservation Director Dan Morse, she also puts in occasional hours at the Source Weekly, with her other owner, Sales Rep Kimberly Morse. When she's not at the office, Maddie helps her owners wrangle twin human toddlers.

Name: Maddie (aka dogger)

Age: 7 1/2 dog years

Breed: A most unlikely, and non-neurotic, combination of border collie, Aussie shepherd, and husky

Job title: Senior Recreation Specialist

Responsibilities: Herding small children, rolling in malodorous substances, avoiding boredom

Favorite part of the job: Squirrel!

Least favorite part of the job: Gone squirrel...

What would they do without you? Too sad to contemplate

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