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Melting Icebergs

Christian Heeb photographs melting icebergs off the coast of Newfoundland.



Icebergs make for great photos. We landed in Newfoundland and found out they have icebergs swimming in the sea on the north shore in September. This has never happened as long as humans can remember (usually iceberg season in Newfoundland is in May and June).

This unsettling sign that global warming is real is nevertheless a great photo opportunity for us. In the sheltered bay in front of the little fishing village of Crow Head we found the perfect setting for iceberg photos. I climbed down to the rocky shore just before sunrise. I used a tripod, a cable release and a exposure speed of 1/3rd of a second to show the motion of the surf, but just fast enough to keep the iceberg reasonably sharp. I used a split density neutral gray filter to tone down the sky. The little tower on the iceberg collapsed right after I took the photo.

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