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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


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You just never know what you are going to get in the ladies' restroom. This past weekend I walked in to see a neatly laid line of crisp white powder gleaming on the edge of the sink. Thinking that the 80s were back and someone was clearly not vigilant, I licked my finger and tasted what I thought was going to numb my tongue and sharpen my senses. Instead I was struck with the sweet and gritty flavor of Similac baby formula.

Although I've spent hours in the ladies' restroom, I am still amazed by the excitement that takes place in there. Anyone who thinks that the restroom is only for peeing and washing one's hands hasn't been in after 10 p.m. Late into the night the bathroom becomes its own entity where hair-styling tips are exchanged, Facebook friends are made, and secrets are spilled. It is where girls go to share the excitement of kissing the boy they've lusted after for weeks and it's also where girls go to cry when the they see their ex out with someone else for the first time.

The smell of the air is intoxicating - a myriad of perfumes mix in a haze created by an overabundance of aerosol hairspray. One girl is always sitting in the only resting spot in the powder room, dishing out advice diligently as she listens to the eager chitchat of friends and strangers. The mirror casts the reflection of women fighting for attention as they fix out-of-place hairs and pat their lipstick. And it is much ado about nothing because within moments the space will be vacant, hairs will once again be out of place, lipstick will be smeared, and friendships will be broken. But no woman ever forgets the magic of being in the moment in a busy ladies' restroom.

Mirror, Mirror
on the Wall

One half-ounce simple syrup

One half-ounce fresh lime

Two ounces X-rated fusion liqueur

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