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Modern Day Slavery



The Reagan, Clinton and Bush regimes extinguished the rights of American workers to make a decent living by the imposition of policies that have resurrected slavery by the outsourcing of most of the good paying jobs here. Example: The American textile industry outsourced to Mexico and $2-a-day workers. The constant mantra from our leaders "American workers must learn to compete with the global workers" or slaves-Nike-$.25-an-hour slaves with no benefits, etc. Our industry slavers closed down here to maximize their now enormous profits, paying no tariffs and little or no taxes-even getting subsidies from our oligarchy government. Eleven trillion dollars is hidden away in Swiss banks. Is one of them Phil Gramm bank??? And that is the least amount known about and just the tip of the iceberg!

Today, in this ongoing manufactured crisis to crush the American workers even further, to eliminate benefits, retirements etc. and hoping to pay $.25 an hour to the remaining job holders. We, the American people, should now demand that all of the Congressmen who facilitated this economic crime should have their salaries reduced to $.25 an hour, with no health and retirement benefits and no paid aides to do most of their work, and also make it illegal for any retired congressmen to sit on highly-paid corporate boards after their retirements. Last time I read, there were 300 retired congressmen sitting on corporate boards. Is it reward for complicity in serving the corporate and super riches' interests instead of the common people's interests-or the other 99 percent of the population??? This is now the country of opportunity for one percent of the population!

Instead of slavery, resurrect Pres. Eisenhower's tax and tariff policies. Put caps on obscenely high salaries by imposing a 99 percent tax over a certain decent amount. There was one known billionaire before Reagan and today it is close to 1,000-at whose expense???

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