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More Bad News About Newspapers—Here and There



At times, yes, it does feel as if we are captaining the Titanic.
Last week, The Onion published its last paper edition. That same day, some 700 jobs were cut from the Tribune Company—an organization that, most notably, publishes the LA Times and Chicago Tribune, as well as six other daily newspapers.
And, closer to home, our crosstown brethren at The Bulletin received the troubling news that their health care benefits would be cut. In somewhat Scrooge-like fashion, the news was reportedly announced very suddenly.
We have received phone calls and emails all day—some from frustrated staffers, others from friends of frustrated staffers there.
We are truly sorry—it is troubling indeed to see our industry constricting like a boa constrictor on itself.
Yes, we recognize that a business—even one in the public interest like newspapers—does need to consider its bottom line to stay viable. But, as the newspaper industry continues to reorganize itself over the next few years, we also hope that these calculations are done with a consideration for the importance these jobs have to individuals and their families, as well as to the community.

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