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As one of the newest members of the Common Table community, I was excited to see the the Source's profile of this status-quo-challenging social entrepreneurship venture ("We Are All Common," Aug. 26). Yet rather than being the project of only two incredibly passionate and talented individuals as the article suggested, Common Table has been a community endeavor from the start.

Thanks to the long-running efforts of a large and diverse group of dedicated volunteers, Common Table is just days away from opening our doors to all those interested in eating good, doing good and making good happen. In fact, Common Table is nothing without the extraordinary teams of volunteers who have logged countless hours cleaning, hauling equipment or discussing what it means to offer radical hospitality to everyone. And once we finally tear down the paper covering the windows and install "The Common Table," there will be even more opportunities to participate in this soon-to-be Bend institution. Whether you'll be welcoming all those who enter, bussing tables, or working the counter, you will find that you haven't done volunteer work quite like this before. I invite everyone to join and help shape the vibrant Common Table community - we all have something to offer.

- Aliza Rosenstein

Volunteer Coordinator, Common Table

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