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Mosley Wotta Debuts New Album: "Wake"

Mosley Wotta has a new album, which he'll release at the semifinal Last Band Standing show on Thursday night.



After a long production process, Mosley Wotta, Bend's well-known and omni-present MC, is releasing his first full-length album, entitled Wake, this week. He'll be rolling the disc out (and likely performing cuts from it) at his semifinal appearance at Last Band Standing tomorrow night at Boondocks Bar and Grill.

The album features some familiar tunes from MoWo, including "Boom" -- a song that sounds as radio ready as anything to ever come out of Bend --  as well as new material, much of it tied together with the sort of goofball public domain samples (stuff from old movies and records) his fans have come to expect.

If you buy a disc at LBS, you'll very well receive an album encased in a hand-made collage cover by the artists himself.

The other bands playing the first night of the semi-final round include Hot Tea Cold, Tuck and Roll, Blowin' Smoke, Still Fear and Elliot. The show starts at 8pm. $5 at the door, $3 advance at Bend Indoor Gardening.


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