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My New Favorite Band (and they almost slipped by me)

Check out one of the hippest bands to release an album in 2012. Austin Texas duo Deep Time.



As a music editor I get the inside track on a lot of really great music. In fact... sometimes that inside track is just too much to keep track of. My inbox if often filled with much too many emails to sift through and I miss press releases for awesome music all the time. 

But as in this case... better late than never is good enough for me. 

Back in July, Austin Texas duo Deep Time released their debut self-titled album. The group released a small collection of music prior to this record, but it was under the name Yellow Fever (the band had to change the name because of a dispute). 

This "minimal weirdo pop" (according to Facebook) is some of the sweetest most decadent music to be released this year and it's definitely going to end up on my top 100 albums of the year list next month. 

Check out their music video for "Clouds" and see what shapes you can find in the music as it floats by. 

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