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New Brewery is on the Rise: Crux Fermentation Project, photos

Construction is coming along at the new brewery run by Sidor, Evers and Wilson.


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(photos: ©2012 Photo by Brian J. Bulemore, ABACUS PHOTOGRAPHY)

Crux Fermentation Project (formerly, "yet to be named brewery" owned an operated by Larry Sidor, Paul Evers and Dave Wilson), located in the old AAMCO Transmission shop, appears to be coming along nicely.

The latest happenings are A) they now have a name (Crux Fermentation Project) and B) they recently raised the grain silos that will house their beer fixin's.

Check out this cool bird's-eye video of the grain silo installation. It'll also give you a better idea of where they're located. This is information you'll need if you want to make it to their grand opening, slated for June (three months!).

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To learn more about the new brewery, check out part of their press release below:

What is our capacity?
Not much. Initially, we’ll only have a few thousand hectoliters of capacity. With added fermenters and bright beer tanks, we could push that to 11k hectoliters. We’re committed to being a purely metric brewery, but if you’re looking for the conventional barrel as a measurement, we will max out a few years from now in the ballpark of 9,000 barrels. But limited capacity excites us too. With smaller batch sizes, we can experiment and push some brewing boundaries that might not be approachable with larger batch sizes.

How will our beers be offered?
Your best bet is to come to our Tasting Room and take in the brewery and a variety of beers first hand. We’re working hard to create an experience that connects beer lovers to the brewing process— when you visit us you’ll get to hang out in an actual operating brewery. You’ll take in the rich aromas of the mash, the waft of warm spent grain and, of course, the fruits of all the labor in all the exciting new brews. Beers will be served in 500ml and 300ml pours. Bring your growler (1,900ml), too.
We will also offer our beers in draft at fine craft pubs and in bottles in three sizes at bottle shops and specialty grocery stores. In the near future, you’ll be able to check our website for locations near you. Our expected initial footprint will be in Oregon and on the opposite side of the country— the Northeast. Go figure.

What will be the prices of our bottled offerings?
We’ll offer some beers at about $6 for a 500ml bottle. Other brews will be more complex and would be priced at around $16 for a 750ml bottle of those. Our highest end we expect to sell for $13 for a 375ml—but those won’t be ready for a year or two as they’ll be barrel aged. We’re not after scale. We’re not trying to win with the masses. Our focus is on producing small batches of thoughtful high quality brews that have higher ingredient streams and more complex processes and aging.

When will you be ready to share our beer?
We’re working hard to make beer available in June. That’s what we’re chasing.



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