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New Driving Move: Sidewalks come into play on Portland Avenue

What's with everyone in Bend driving on the sidewalks on Portland Avenue?



I know getting to class at COCC on time in the morning and evening is important, but what’s with the latest Bend driving phenomena of sidewalk driving?

Here’s how it goes. Around 8 a.m. or 5 p.m., a car heading west on Portland Avenue stops to make a left hand turn onto a side street or into a driveway. The heavy college commute traffic immediately backs up behind the turning driver. But rather than wait for the person turning to get a break in eastbound traffic and make his or her turn, some in the westbound lane decide that by driving with two wheels up on the sidewalk and two in the street that they can get past. They do.

Sidewalk driving on Portland at rush hour isn’t a once in a while thing, it’s a regular occurrence.

Fortunately, no pedestrians have been on the sidewalks in question when the sidewalk driving happens and hopefully there never will be.

If you’re college bound, relax. The longest you might have to wait for someone to turn is, what 30 seconds?

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