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New Music Roundup: 3 Albums to Stream



General Dome
Buke & Gase

The latest album from Brooklyn punk duo Buke and Gase (formerly Buke and Gass) should be considered one of the most unique of 2013. The main reason for that? Members Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez have thrown the formula for song construction out the window.

On the band's sophomore LP General Dome, Dyer and Sanchez refuse to use conventional verse/chorus structure. It's a form of punk music, but also something else. Just what exactly is a little elusive though, since they sound completely unlike anything out there today.

The third track "In the Company of Fish," marches along unchanged with a pounding hybrid bass guitar— that the band invented and calls the "gase"— until the two and a half minute mark. Then the beat drops out and the track finishes with a guitar epilogue. There is a lyrical chorus but because the music never changes to go a long with it, it's hidden within the industrial rock song.

The rest of the album uses the same set of classic Buke and Gase instruments. The aforementioned gase as well as their toe-bourine and a baritone/ukulele also invented by the group. The result is a raw rock album sparse on instrumental diversity and heavy on lyrics. It's breath of fresh air a midst the recent trend of male/female rock duos who try to sound like they have more members than they really do.

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