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Norwegian pop is always nice
  • Norwegian pop is always nice
Most people probably think that music videos have been dead for a while— not so. They just don't have the same kind of marketing that they used to. Probably because now, every single band has access to all kinds of cheap video making tools and software. So music videos no longer need to be million dollar affairs to be cool. In fact, it's the artsy, low-budget stuff that people tend to gravitate toward these days anyway.

This week we're bringing you some suggestions for recently released albums and doing so with music videos. They may not actually be the coolest things we've ever seen. But the music in them is pretty dang good.

First up is the video for "Fog of War" by Norwegian band Young Dreams. While the song came out last year, the album it's on, Between Dreams, was just released last week. It's some great flowing pop and the story in the video is powerful.

Next is the video for "Running For Cover" from Seattle group Ivan & Alyosha. You might remember this band from their opening set for Brandi Carlile at LSA last year in Bend. While the video is visually nice to look at, it doesn't break any creativity records. But the song is delightful pop-folk with soft harmonies that conjure up thoughts of a spring road trip and it's from their new album All the Times We Had.

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