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NewVillager: The Complete Artistic Package

NewVillager have struck artistic gold with their self-titled debut album and video visualizaitons of their songs.



With the release of their self-titled debut, New York/San Fransisco based duo NewVillager, have acheived new levels of creativity. An overview of the album reveals some ideas behind the inspiration for the record... but it's the ways the group has decided to bring the songs to life, that provide a gripping look into the avalanche of artistic mediums NewVillager is using to tell the stories that they want to share. Containing a litany of characters to go along with the song, the video (below) for the album's first single "Lighthouse", should quickly reveal just how serious these guys are about shattering how music (as art) is done. More of the same can be found in the video for the album's third track "Rich Doors"... and given NewVillager's penchant for crazy live shows and art gallery exhibitions, it's safe to say that nothing so far, has even scratched the surface of what is to come.
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