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Night Ranger Mix Was a Mess


Night Ranger is a great '80s band. They deserved a better venue and sound production for their recent show for the Bend Summer Festival. Who's ideal was it to have a concert at Troy Field? Bad choice.

How did they ever expect people to get in and out of a single three-foot. gate? And now crowd control to boot. OMG, who was running the [front of house] mix?

I realize that we live in a MP3 generation but please the mix was a muddled, boomy mess. You have one of the best guitar teams out of the '80s with eight-finger tapping techniques, etc. and you couldn't distinguish the guitars until [you moved] two blocks away - let alone the vocals. I am sure the band played great, but who could tell. I am not one of those who wants to turn down the volume. I like loud blazing guitars, but I actually want to be able to hear them.

Sadly disappointed.

- Max

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