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Not Wild About It

Opinion about the new radio station in Bend.


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In "107.7 Gets Wild," tSW blogger Erin Foote Marlowe writes that "[...] there's a new radio station in town. It's called Wild 107.7 and it plays top hits."

As Ms. Marlowe notes, Wild is owned by Combined Communications, "[...] which also owns The Twins 98.3, KSJJ 99.7, Clear 101.7 and 1110 KBND," as well as Central Oregon magazine. She adds, "A station devoted to songs like "Super Freak?" Now, that's something we can get behind."

Yeah, well, I'm not feeling quite as enthusiastic as she.

1110 KBND not only broadcasts professional a-hole Rush Limbaugh's hateful syndicated show, they've just announced the addition of affable homophobe Mike Huckabee.

Obviously, then, I don't read Central Oregon magazine, nor will I listen to any Combined Communications stations. No matter how many times they play "Super Freak."

Combined Communications's owners should note that when Arbitron calls me to survey my radio listening habits, I will take great care that my responses reflect my viewpoint; and advertisers may wish to consider whether they want their brand associated with Combined Communications, a company which broadcasts bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, and ugliness.

Editor's Note: Wild 107.7 performed tests at that spot on the dial using '70s and '80s funk music before going live with top hits. We were sad to see those tunes go, hence the "Super Freak" reference mentioned here.

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