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Now Our Watch Begins

Winter isn't coming... it's already here. Here's our weekly take on the final season of "Game of Thrones"




It's only been 595 days (or 14,280 hours if you're counting) since we last visited Westeros, but who's counting? We're entering into the eighth and final season of the bleakest show ever to capture the popular zeitgeist and this premiere is bringing everything round full circle.

One mention of dragon breath will get you fried. - COURTESY IMDB
  • Courtesy IMDB
  • One mention of dragon breath will get you fried.

"Winterfell" is the calm before the storm (of swords) where we get to check in on everyone before the final battle between everyone living and the army of the dead. We've got Sansa and Daenerys throwing shade at each other like there aren't zombies to worry about, and Cersei is once again in her bad-decisions mode, hooking up with psychopaths and being stoked about the wall falling. Has she just lost it completely or does she really think a few sellswords and Greyjoys will protect her from an Ice Dragon?

Jon Snow and Dany have a little "How to Train Your Dragon" moment, which is nice, but we know it's all short-lived since being kissing cousins is not a good look. Anyone else wondering if Dany will even care?

So many characters who haven't seen each other in ages are finally put in the same room again and it's gorgeous. Arya reconnects with Jon, Gendry and the Hound, who she hasn't seen since she robbed him and left him to die. But the best convergence is a dark and brooding Jamie Lannister laying eyes on Bran Stark for the first time since shoving him out a window in the first episode. Like I said...full circle.

Let us know your theories! Who will end up on the Iron Throne? Where is Ghost? What happened to Dorne? See you next week!

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