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Like John Lithgow's character in Footloose, this week's feature letter writer takes the hard line on public groovin'. Log on and let us know where you stand in the dance space debate.

In all honesty, I do believe that dancers at shows are, in fact, the harsh signs of the eminent apocalypse. Last time I checked, the people who "danced" at shows displayed slightly lower IQs than those of us not disrupting the space of others. For example, when I was at Pinback on February 13th there was a cluster of girls standing around me who decided it was a good idea to start pushing people around. Pinback is in no way a band that intends to conjure up brutish physical actions from people, so why were these tiny teen girls punching me? Because they wanted to "dance!"

Blaming someone for being the victim of a mosh pit because they were standing on or around it is like blaming a victim of assault for what they were wearing that night. Some people want to be close to the bands they admire without getting trampled for it.

Granted, some bands are there to make you move, but it shouldn't be required. In my life, I thrive the most when I am a stick in the mud. If you Steve Frandsen's of the world want to groove, that is fine with me, just give me my stick-in-the-mud space.

Carissa Jean

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