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NRA Boot is an Affront to Freedom



You clowns are despicable. Saying that the National Rifle Association kills people is the most egregious effrontery I’ve read in a long time, and that includes the countless buffooneries the left propagates all the time. What’s worse, your comments show your total ignorance regarding the firearms issue, not to mention your illogic and lack of stats. Your whole Boot article is childish and a nonsensical screed.

There is a good reason you boneheads are called the loony left and your reactionary response is what I would expect. You conveniently ignore that where there is easy access to concealed weapons permits gun violence goes down. Regarding gun control regulations you are right (even a blind chick gets a kernel now and then), regulations don’t equal confiscation. What you failed to mention is that regulation inevitably leads to confiscation or banning.


In the theater, one well-trained civilian with a concealed weapon would (not might) have made short work of the shooter. I can say without fear of contradiction that there would have been more survivors and fewer injured.

The NRA’s agenda is to protect our Constitutional rights. If you try to make more of it then you are a liar and worse. The gun manufacturers have another agenda, quite similar to The Source’s agenda—make a profit. The difference is that the gun manufacturers are not as self-righteous in their self serving.

Finally, you have insulted and disparaged thousands of local folk who are members of the NRA. I can’t wait to see if they get their boots and put them to you where the sun don’t shine.  If there is another revolution in this country, it will be triggered by the same events that started the first revolution—the attempt to confiscate guns. Why else, I ask you, do we have a Second Amendment?

I’m not a Republican, a Democrat, independent, or Tea Party [member], so you can’t say this is some right wing rant. As a Libertarian I naturally support a more-or-less strict interpretation of the Constitution and would, as a matter of course, support the Second Amendment.

I really have to ask just how loyal are you folks to the Constitution?

It seems to me that other than guns the only thing that many of the mass murderers in our recent history had in common was that they were in some type of psychological counseling or therapy. It seems to me that a good reporter might investigate that connection. Ever heard of hypnosis? Brain washing? Who better than the mental agents? I’m just sayin.’ If you really want to know the cause of the mass murders like Columbine, then maybe you should check out the mental manipulation connection.



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