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Obama Is An Empty Suit


Jeez, how much of Obama's Kool-Aid did you drink? This president is an empty suit. His presidency is as weak as Jimmy Carter's. The last Bush term was an embarrassment as well. We wasted trillions in the desert with the Democratic Congress' blessing, when we could have used that money productively at home.

Why is it when a liberal or a liberal cause is questioned or criticized, it is referred to as hate? A liberal's idea of an open mind is agreeing with them. Someone with an open mind would recognize that both sides are equally incompetent. We elect people to office, who, for the most part have never had a job where poor performance (read public sector) could get them fired. Then, when elected to public office, [they] are allowed to squander the resources of the American people without any accountability. Seems the only way for someone to lose their re-election bid, is if they are involved in a gay sex scandal. If our elected officials had any brains, they wouldn't have been outsmarted by the crooks on Wall Street who stole the American Dream from honest, hardworking Americans.

So Obama is going to use money we have to borrow from China to buy our way out of the recession, and it's all paid for? How wonderful. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Government cannot create jobs. To believe so suggests either naivety or ignorance. Sounds like Mr. Ketterman has been indoctrinated by our left-leaning education system and this is his first election cycle. To put faith in the words of a politician is foolish. People who have been around long enough to witness the B.S. put forth over the last few decades ain't buying it!

A great president can inspire and motivate with words and actions. Barack Obama, like Jimmy Carter, may be a great man; however, he is not a great president. Thus, he opens himself up for honest criticism.

Mike Frank, Bend

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