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Obama Out Of Control



This letter is in response to the article written by H. Bruce Miller. (Merkley Gets Mugged In Madras, tsweekly.com, 8/4)

Allow me to introduce myself. I am the man who questioned the citizenship of Chairman Obama, and I also questioned the existence of Czars and the extreme expansion of presidential powers. In spite of extolling of my position as ridiculous and not worthy of consideration of by intelligent people, I would like to put forward some things that I am reasonably certain that you have never given any thought or consideration to. While the comments of H. Bruce Miller sought to be insulting and demeaning in the pretense of superiority in his remarks I will be respectful in my presentation. I would like to add as a basic preface to my position; I do not think that either party is protecting our constitutional rights in any way.

I do not believe that Obama was born here because what he has released as proof of his birth in Hawaii is not a birth certificate. I looked at mine, and if you look at yours, it will say birth certificate, not certificate of live birth. I know it sounds like mincing words, but words matter. This seems odd and suspicious to me, plus, he has sealed the records. I do not know about you, but I wonder what he is hiding? It is a constitutional issue and should be pursued.

The Czars are appointed as presidential advisers. They contribute to policy and advise the president on the issues that are their "supposed area of expertise". There are a couple of these positions that are Senate Advise and Consent positions. But the rest are willy-nilly appointees who are not accountable to Congress and are given broad authority and power by the president to do what they want. In short they are mini-dictators with presidential authority. Both Bush and Obama are violators of this crime. This is unconstitutional and should be challenged.

When first elected, I thought I would give Obama a chance; after all he was elected president, how bad could he be? But what was the first thing he did when he got in office? He took the census from the department of commerce and placed it in the White House for the purpose, I believe, of redistricting America in favor of progressive far left politicians. This action is called executive orders and they are becoming more [common] than they should be, and Congress has no recourse to challenge because of a 1933 law. Think about who this man is, and what he really wants to accomplish. He scares me. And, I believe, with cause.

Kenneth Judkins

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