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Obama's Burying McCain in Bend Fundraising

WTF is up with this?? FundRace 2008 reports that Democrat Barack Obama beat Republican John McCain by a ratio of almost 2 to 1 in




WTF is up with this?? FundRace 2008 reports that Democrat Barack Obama beat Republican John McCain by a ratio of almost 2 to 1 in contributions from Bend residents in the second quarter of this year.

 According to the site, Obama collected a total of more than $51,500 from the 97701 and 97702 area codes during the quarter, compared to only a bit over $13,000 for McCain. In the generally more affluent 97701 area code the approximate totals were Obama $32,800, McCain $2,900; in the 97702 area code it was Obama $18,800, McCain $10,300.

More than three-quarters of the amount Obama collected came from contributions of $1,000 or less; only nine Bend contributors gave more than $1,000. They included Jeb Barton, owner of Nomadics Tipi Makers; William Whitelaw, president of Econorthwest; Sarah Phipps, a real estate investor; and David Kottkamp, retired, with $1,000 each; attorney Greg Hendrix, $1,095; David Williams, retired, $1,226; John Chaffey, retired, $1,550; Linda Cohen, retired, $1,715; and Robert Cohen, retired, $2,484.

In contrast, more than 75% of what McCain collected in the second quarter came from five donors who gave $1,500 or more each. They were Michael Kendrick, a neurosurgeon, $1,500; Jon Tompkins, retired, $1,850; and developer Michael Humphreys, Judith Humphreys, and home builder Hayden Watson, $2,300 each.

The Eye is having a hard time figuring out why Bend Republicans aren't opening their checkbooks more generously for their party's presidential nominee-apparent. Maybe they all went broke when the real estate bubble popped. Or maybe they're just not terribly enthusiastic about their candidate and/or his chances in November.

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