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ODOT's Got a Lot of 'Splainin' to Do

Way to go Source! You really scooped the "other Bend publication" with your story about Ray Perry, the ODOT employee who was fired for coming



Way to go Source! You really scooped the "other Bend publication" with your story about Ray Perry, the ODOT employee who was fired for coming forward with the misdeeds of ODOT.

I'd like to let Sen. Ben Westlund know he earned my vote for his bid as state treasurer. I am so happy to see that there is an elected official out there who will stand up for the little guy.

And what is up with ODOT's spokesman, Peter Murphy? He referred to Sen. Westlund as "just another person"! I don't ever recall Sen. Westlund implying that he is any better than the rest of us, but I do believe he was elected by a majority of us taxpayers - twice - to represent and look out for our best interest. I think his testifying at Mr. Perry's hearing is proof he is living up the taxpayers' expectations.

And Mr. Murphy, do you realize ODOT appears in front of legislative committees to ask for our money for their boondoggles? I'll bet ODOT didn't address Sen. Westlund as "just another person" when they were begging for millions of dollars to replace bridges that didn't need replacing.

Mr. Perry, I'd like to thank you for coming forward to point out the atrocities we drivers have endured for years are not just all in our heads. It baffles me that ODOT blames studded tires, yet the Bend Parkway was falling apart prior to a winter driving season. If studs are to blame, why is the wear and tear spotty? It seems Mr. Perry's claims of inferior products may just explain this.

I am truly sorry Mr. Perry lost his livelihood because of his total dedication to the taxpayers of Oregon. I would think if ODOT was truly following its "mission" Mr. Perry would have been promoted. Mr. Perry came forward with documents claiming a coworker had falsified paperwork. Cole Mullis, Mr. Perry's supervisor, stated that there were "mistakes," yet it was ultimately Mr. Perry who was disciplined for bring his concerns forward. How does ODOT justify this? What kind of "mistakes" are we talking about here? Do these mistakes affect our safety? Could these mistakes explain the ruts on the Parkway?

It seems ODOT has some explaining to do. Now who's going step up and hold them accountable?


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