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Of High Gas Prices and Russian Gypsies

We all know that the political leaders raise the gas prices everywhere throughout the nation and people still go along with it like a herd



We all know that the political leaders raise the gas prices everywhere throughout the nation and people still go along with it like a herd of sheep. I have been here in Bend for a year and a half coming up from that overpopulated state to the south. The majority of residents here in Bend who do not need the auto have a simple yet effective alternative to spending money on their motorized chariots.

Pick up a bike, support a good bike shop that really is involved in the community, lose weight, save gas, help the city of Bend with pollution, etc. I work in a grocery store here in Bend and constantly hear people complain about being overweight, they pay way too much for gas to operate their five-ton trucks ... duh!!

I know it takes EFFORT to ride a bike, especially when there is a hill grade. Climbing up to Awbrey Butte every day after working a long 10-to-12-hour day doesn't sound like fun, but look at it this way: We are considered weenies compared to the Russian gypsy women. Many of these women commute from one village to the next up in the mountains eight miles each day all year and many are in their 60s.

I bike every day and know how rewarding it is to bike compared to driving a car. The benefits are a healthier body, a youthful feeling, no need to find a parking space at the shops, no gas needed, no insurance needed except for theft, take the side streets, hear the wind, feel the cool air during the summer months, etc.

For those who live in Sisters, Bend, Madras and Prineville, why not park on the outskirts of Bend and bike the rest of the way to work, weather permitting? We all have the ability to do this and nothing is stopping any of you from doing this except the typical excuses people come up with. Ride more, obey the traffic signs and the rest is easy. See how much money you could save in one month. Cheers!!

The Produce Man

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