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Olivia Knox Comes Home

The young singer-songwriter returns from LA for a night at the Tower



The idea of "going for it" can be intimidating, no matter what that "it" may be. But if you're passionate enough about something, why not try to make that thing work? Just look at Bendite Olivia Knox, who headed south to L.A. a couple years ago to pursue her dreams in music—a passion she's had since age eight.

Olivia Knox's debut EP, "Smoke Signal," will be out next month. Don't miss her homecoming show this Saturday! - ANNA AZAROV
  • Anna Azarov
  • Olivia Knox's debut EP, "Smoke Signal," will be out next month. Don't miss her homecoming show this Saturday!

"At first I thought I was gonna finish out college and pursue music at the same time. But I ended up starting my career as a writer a couple weeks before I went to college. It has been a very cool journey, and I've been trusting God the whole way," she says. "I believe I am where I am today because of the producers and companies that gave me a chance. Of course the lifestyle is fast paced, and I've had to learn how to do a lot like the bus system and train system, but I'm very blessed to be living in L.A. full time and doing music."

Now Knox is returning to her hometown for a big night at the Tower Theatre. There she'll play her released singles and we'll also get a sneak peek at some unreleased music off of her upcoming EP out next month.

"I am SO SO excited!! I've been working so hard at writing this past year and just so pumped to share all my favorites that I've written this past year. And it has probably been a little over a year since I've performed in Bend."

Much of Knox's new music has been catchy, fun and most of all—empowering. This theme will be easily found on her EP, called "Smoke Signal."

"This EP is going to take you through this last year in my life," says Knox. "The main message of this EP is the feeling of chasing after something. The feeling of truly sacrificing everything to go after your biggest dreams. This project has a feel-good, impactful, magical pop feel."

One of the songs on the project is the previous single, "Flying," a track that combines guitar with cool electronic sounds, paired with a high energy hook. Knox says she came into that session feeling defeated and overwhelmed, but she didn't let that stop her. The result is one of her most special song to date.

"Sometimes in this industry I feel like I'm flying and that I'm on top of the world. And sometimes I feel like I'm falling and will never get back up. And this song is all about going for your dreams knowing that you might fall a couple times in the process."

After opening doors through trending videos on TikTok, Knox says she was able to take a step forward with her music career. She tells me how much she cherishes her time with the producers and writers she's met the past couple years, who have each helped Knox grow in different ways. Her parents, Jim and Heather, couldn't be happier with the artist and person she's becoming.

"We couldn't be more proud of her. It takes a lot of courage to follow her dream, relocate to L.A., build a new community and establish herself as a young female artist in the music industry. She has accomplished so much in such a short period of time and this is just the beginning for her," they said in a shared message.

Catch Knox for her homecoming this Saturday at the Tower Theatre.

Olivia Knox w/Mosley Wotta
Sat., Oct.22, 7:30pm
Tower Theatre
835 NW Wall St., Bend

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