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Wild Rose and Salud add to downtown dining



Two new restaurants are enhancing the smorgasbord of lunch and dinner options in downtown Bend.

Wild Rose is a Northern Thai restaurant at 150 NW Oregon Ave., formerly Common Table. Open for lunch and dinner, the menu is a long list of unrecognizable Northern Thai dishes along with curries, soups and chili pastes (no Pad Thai here, sorry all).

The decor inside is brightly colored and busy with beautiful terracotta flatware and vibrant mismatched chairs and tablecloths. The low exposed beams in the ceiling make Wild Rose feel like the best kind of hole-in-the-wall despite the spacious dining room space.

We're excited about the PRICE POINT. With lunch options between $5-8, and dinners mostly around the $10 mark, Wild Rose has simple, but tasty options for lower-than-normal prices downtown. Open: Mon.-Sat. 11am-10pm. Closed Sunday.

Vegetarian and vegan-friendly Salud Raw Food is a live foods café serving all raw lunch items at 431 NW Franklin Ste. 150, formerly Pastrami Old World Deli.

Serving collard wraps, salads, juices and raw desserts, Salud's food philosophy doesn't leave room for ovens. All the menu options are no-bake, raw and organic retaining vitamins, minerals and live enzymes.

"In a live dessert the ingredients are super foods. There are no fillers, no flour and they're totally vegan no eggs and no butter," explained owner Corrine Oshea. "It's just nuts, seeds, coconut oil, and I use honey and maple syrup to sweeten."

We're excited about HEALTH FOOD. The more light, healthy lunch options walking distance from our office, the better! With lunch plates around $10, we'll be frequenting Salud in attempts to counter those extra holiday pounds. Open Mon-Fri 10 am-3 pm.

Stay tuned to the Source's CHOW section for full reviews of the new restaurants.

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