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Open Your Ears

It's time to open your ears and shut your mouth.


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What is with all the complaining about the sound quality at the free shows around town?

I am an astute concertgoer who has noticed some of the uneven sound. I attribute it to the diverse styles of music these guys must mix every day. To them I say, "Thanks." It's a very difficult job to make every band sound great. The folks who don't like the sound quality should ask for a refund. Oh yeah the music is free - so stop whining!

Speaking of free music, I'd like to give a shout out to Scott Foxx and Bobby Lindstrom, whose band nailed it at Munch and Music [Thursday]. Eric Tollefson's set at Sagebrush Tuesday was a thing of beauty. Thanks, Guys.

Congratulations to Necktie Killer for their well earned win at Last Band [Standing]. They butched up their set and went toe-to-toe with our heaviest bands. Their sound was more articulate than the others and was bolstered by the best rhythm section in the competition.

So when you go to the free shows, I urge you to listen to the music and artists, not the sound system. We have a lively music scene here with diverse acts and great settings. If you don't like the sound quality, leave. Or if you can do it better, then shut up and get to it.

- Listener Mike, Bend

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