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"Deceiver" marks Bend-native Corinne Sharlet's solo turn



Look for "Deceiver," out Feb. 14. - PUBLIC DISPLAY PR
  • Public Display PR
  • Look for "Deceiver," out Feb. 14.
Corinne Sharlet hasn't forgotten about her Bend roots. The singer/songwriter is on the verge of releasing her debut solo EP, "Deceiver," and knows her hometown still has quite the influence on what she creates.

Now living in Portland, Sharlet is enjoying the transition from being in bands and creatively becoming her own artist.

"It's a whole new world as a solo artist and I am really loving it. Playing in front of people by myself is extremely vulnerable but at the same time, completely liberating," Sharlet tells the Source Weekly. "I guess I'm sort of a masochist because eventually, in my own time, I force myself to do the things I am most afraid of. I know those are the things that I deeply want." 

Sharlet grew up in Bend, and her ties to the High Desert can be heard through her music. Trying to come back and play in Bend every couple of months, Sharlet was just back this past weekend for a performance at The Commons and will come down again on April 2 to play a show at McMenamins, with local singer/songwriter Alicia Viani.

"Growing up in Bend has definitely influenced my music. I think the dusty, wild expansiveness of the High Desert has seeped its way into the earthiness I try to capture in my sound," says Sharlet. "I come back to Bend every couple of months to play here. I still have a lot of people I love in Bend so it always makes for a great show."

"Deceiver" is four tracks of expansive folk music, coming off almost operatic, as Sharlet's vocals often shine as the true star of the music. I asked Sharlet the story behind each song on the project, and here's what she said:

"Firing Line"

"When I wrote the first track on the EP, 'Firing Line,' I was struggling to figure out how I wanted music to play a role in my life. In order for me to have the courage to take my music seriously, I had to first realize that I will be singing and writing songs the rest of my life even when there is no one listening. Whether I like it or not, the songs are in my bones."


"I know I'm not supposed to have favorites, but right now 'Deceiver,' the second track, is my favorite track on the EP. When I hear my music in my head, I hear the beat. I love drums, so I knew I wanted to have really unique percussion on the EP. I love the drum beat on 'Deceiver' and how it transports the song into a sort of a Casablanca, cinematic place. When I sing this song, it feels like a call to the magic of imagination and how it can make life seem to glow in the dark."

"Evil Eye"

"'Evil Eye,' the third track, feels like a nod to a classic big band sound. I love Nancy Sinatra so I wanted to try and create that timeless feeling with the added piano melody line and the big open drums. The song is a bit tongue-in-cheek (but with a sharp tongue) about how sometimes the hardest feeling to get used to is contentment. I spend a lot of time talking myself out of happiness. I am not allowed to be too happy or the 'Evil Eye' will smite me." 

"Hail Mary"

"Hail Mary" was the first song I released from the EP back in September. People have been really drawn to this song and I love how everyone seems to have a different idea about what it's about. I love when artists don't overexplain their songs so that listeners can have their own interpretation of them. I wrote this song in maybe an hour—it came from a songwriting prompt from an open mic in Portland. I still am not positive I know what it's about. I have some ideas, but I want to keep them a secret.

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