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Oregon vs. Auburn: The curfew battle



There are plenty of differences between Auburn and Oregon -- for starters, one of the schools is located in Alabama and the other in the Pacific Northwest, and secondly, only one team has LaMichael James.

There are other differences too, like, for example, the one illustrated by a USA Today post yesterday that described the differences in the approach the two teams take in terms of player curfews.

In the days before Monday's enormous BCS Championship, the Ducks players are required to be back at the hotel by 10pm and in their rooms by midnight, according to USA Today.

Auburn, apparently, plans on letting its kids go a bit further onto the wild side with a 1 a.m. curfew.

What did LaMichael James have to say about the curfew?

"This is a business trip for us. We don't want to go out and have fun," the running back told USA Today, "We can party next week."

If things go right on Monday, they are really going to party next week.

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