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Oregonian Cuts Home Delivery To Four Days a Week


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Stop the presses! The Oregonian, Oregon's oldest and largest daily newspaper is cutting circulation.

A press release this morning announced that the paper would still have a daily edition available on newsstands, but that home delivery will be cut from seven, to four days a week: Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays with a Saturday edition “bonus” on Sunday. Subscribers will have access to a digital edition seven days a week.

RIP print media.
  • RIP print media.

Read the full press release here.

The changes will go into effect October 1st. While cuts are going to be made to staff, no confirmation yet on how many will loose their jobs.

Sound familiar? The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ohio's largest daily newspaper, made almost the exact same cuts to their delivery just two months ago. Read more here.

It's over kids. Let's sit back and watch print media go gently into it's goodnight.

Read more about the Oregonian's cuts here. And here.

Update: The Willamette Week reports that more than 35 newsroom staff, reporters, editors and photographers, have been laid off at the Oregonian as of this morning. Read more here.

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